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The Naramata Heritage Inn & Spa welcomes the inquisitive mind and well rounded spirit who seeks to enjoy creative expression in all its forms.

Located on the eastern shore of Okanagan Lake, Naramata is just outside the city of Penticton and is home to orchards and many world-class wineries.

Once a destination of the great CPR Paddle wheelers that plied the waters of Lake Okanagan, Naramata’s earthy solitude still exists and is cherished by the people that call it home. Explore the wineries, restaurants and special events during our Spring and Fall Wine Festivals. Enjoy a wide range of Wine Tours, Music, Theatre, Art and International sports and cultural shows throughout the year.

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Naramata Bench Wineries:


Marichel Winery
1016 Littlejohn Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N0

Marichel Winery is an artisanal winery producing limited quantities of fine wine. Located in the heart of the Naramata Bench.


Bella Wines
4320 Gulch Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N0

Bella is a sparkling wine house capturing the beauty of British Columbia fruit in every bubble.


Therapy Vineyards
940 Lower Debeck Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1

Award winning Therapy Vineyards provides a unique experience with the best the Naramata Bench has to offer. 


Kettle Valley Winery
2988 Hayman Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1


Serendipity Winery
990 Lower Debeck Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1



Nichol Vineyard & Estate Winery
1285 Smethurst Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1

Nichol Vineyard is among the first three pioneering wineries on the Naramata Bench. 

Daydreamer Wines
1305 Smethurst Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1

Joie Farm
2825 Naramata Road, Naramata, BC, V0H 1N1
JoieFarm is a small winery located on the beautiful Naramata Bench. To us, JOIE – joy in French – expresses the pleasure that wine and food bring to life.

Van Westen Vineyards
2800A Aikins Loop, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
Van Westen Vineyards stands behind 3 generations and 60+ years of family tradition cultivating the soils of the Naramata Bench. From growing tree fruits since 1954 we have converted only 30% of our land to grapes since 1999.

Deep Roots Winery
884 Tillar Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
Deep Roots Winery is located on the high bluffs above the picturesque village of Naramata. It is owned and operated by the Hardman family. Will Hardman, the fourth generation to live on this property, is the winemaker. His father, Bryan, grows and maintains the 21 acres of vineyards.

Elephant Island Winery
2730 Aikins Loop, Naramata BC, V0H 1N0

Lake Breeze Vineyards
930 Sammet Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N0
Experience a sense and beauty of place at Lake Breeze Vineyards. Treat your palate to our fine collection of world class wines. Awarded 11th best winery in Canada at the 2014 NWAC. Awarded Best Small Winery in Canada at the 2016 National Wine Awards of Canada.

Forgotten Hill Wine Co.
3960 Cottonwood Lane, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
Level II Electric Vehicle Chargers available
The Forgotten Hill Wine Co. is located in the group of buildings that make-up Forgotten Hill.

Lang Vineyards
2493 Gammon Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
Level II Electric Vehicle Chargers available
We are exceptionally proud to be celebrating a quarter century of crafting top quality wines – Lang Vineyards is the oldest and most successful family estate winery on the Naramata Bench. Guenther Lang, our founder, registered the winery as the very first Farm Gate Vineyard in B.C. in 1990.

Marichel Vineyard and Winery
1016 Littlejohn Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
Marichel Winery is an artisanal winery producing limited quantities of fine wine.

1202 Gawne Road, Naramata BC, V0H 1N1
The Oh family invites you to visit the wine shop to sample our wines and enjoy the amazing view.  Quality handcrafted wines is our specialty. We are hands on from spring pruning, harvest and wine making.

Moraine Estate Winery
Winery: 250-460-1836 or Tasting Room: 778-476-7688 
1865 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T9

Bench 1775
1775 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T8
Join us in the tasting room or in the patio bistro this season. Named after the address of our winery, 1775 Naramata Road.

Black Widow Winery
1630 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T7
Specializing in single vineyard, small lot releases.

Tightrope Winery
1050 Fleet Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T7
Tightrope Winery is a small, family-run vineyard on the Naramata Bench, BC. The owners, Graham & Lyndsay O’Rourke, use their education and experience to grow a select quantity of grapes and to make small batches of high quality wine. Their continued dedication to excellence has been highly awarded and honoured nationwide.

Laughing Stock Vineyards
1548 Naramata Road, Penticton, BC V2A 8T7

Howling Bluff Estate Winery
1086 Three Mile Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T7
Howling Bluff Estate Winery is a family-owned estate that takes pride in growing our own vines and producing small lots of remarkable wines. We honour the authenticity of old world Burgundy varietals, and apply innovative new world techniques to optimize the quality of our winemaking. A celebrated winery, Pinot Noir is our signature.

Origin Wines
1278 Riddle Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8X2
We approach both viticulture and winemaking from a minimalist perspective. Less is more if you ask us. We think you will taste the difference and enjoy learning about what we do. Come see what it’s all about.

Hillside Winery
250-493-6274 Toll-Free: 1-888-923-9463 
1350 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, Canada V2A 8T6
Hillside’s well-equipped cellar, under the direction of Winemaker Kathy Malone , produces top quality Okanagan Valley wines destined for many markets. Our commitment to quality has been highly awarded and praised throughout North America. Hillside is the original BC winery to produce Muscat Ottonel, a unique, aromatic white wine with a huge customer following. 

Terravista Vineyards
1853 Sutherland Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T8
Terravista Vineyards was started in 2008 by Bob and Senka Tennant. As a bit of history…Bob and Senka have been in the BC grape/wine industry for the past 20 years. Senka as winemaker and Bob as vineyard and business operator at their first business, Black Hills Estate Winery.

Lock & Worth Winery
1060 Poplar Grove Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T6
WHO We are: Matthew SherLOCK and Ross HackWORTH and our support/staff. WHAT Honest, single vineyard wines of time and place – priced for everyday consumption. We share a tasting room with Poplar Grove Cheese. When you visit you can taste both our wines and Poplar Grove’s artisanal cheeses together. You can find the Poplar Grove Cheese site here.

Ruby Blues Winery
917 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8V1
Ruby Blues Winery is the funkiest small boutique winery on the stunningly beautiful Naramata Bench . . . where the tasting fee is a smile! All our award winning wines are produced exclusively from vineyards on the Naramata bench.

D’Angelo Estate Winery
979 Lochore Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8V1
We are a family owned and operated Winery. Producing quality wines for over 30 years. We focus on our favorites ; red wines and blends. Our grapes are estate grown and include Tempranillo, Merlot, Cabernet, Malbec, Petit Verdot and Viognier being the only white wine we produce.

Red Rooster Winery
891 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T5

Little Engine Wines
851 Naramata Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8V1
A collection of wines appealing to wine enthusiasts and the most seasoned collector. Varietals based on terroir and the ability to influence with barrels. A combination of natural yeasts, gentle maceration, French oak barrels and attention to every detail, result in wines of depth, character, elegance and finish. A winery dedicated to the pursuit of perfection.

Kanazawa Wines
1465 McMillan Avenue, Penticton BC, V2A 8T4
Richard Kanazawa had made wine for other wineries for 7 years in the Okanagan and had international experience prior to that when he and his wife, Jennifer, decided it was time to produce wines under their own label.This began Kanazawa Wines in 2010, the first vintage year which included red and sparkling wines.

La Frenz Winery
1525 Randolph Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T5
At LA FRENZ, we believe the quality in the bottle begins in the vineyard. 

Misconduct Wine Co.
375 Upper Bench Road North, Penticton BC, V2A 8T2
Irreverent, passionate, and certainly bold. Focused on producing premium micro-lot wines that are terroir driven using old world winemaking.

Three Sisters Winery
1250 Munson Ave, Penticton BC, V2A 8S1
Three Sisters Winery is a family owned and operated winery located in the heart of the Okanagan on the Naramata Bench. After years of working and raising three daughters in Calgary, my parents, John and Liz Lawrence, retired to the Okanagan Valley where they established a viticulture company, Earlco Vineyards Ltd.

Poplar Grove Winery
425 Middle Bench Road North, Penticton BC, V2A 8S5
Poplar Grove Winery is located on the slopes of the Naramata Bench, a premier wine growing area just outside Penticton, British Columbia. One of the original five wineries on the Naramata Bench, Poplar Grove was founded in 1993.

Roche Wines
60 Upper Bench Road, Penticton BC, V2A 8T1
Our family moved to Penticton in 2011 from Bordeaux, France, convinced of the potential of Okanagan wines. We made our first wines under the Roche label (in very limited volume) in 2012. We bought an 8-acre vineyard on the south end of the Naramata Bench, above Penticton, in 2014. The soils and exposure are particularly suited to cool-climate varieties.

Monster Vineyards
1010 Tupper Avenue, Penticton BC, V2A 8S5
At Monster Vineyards we craft tasty wines produced for the curious at heart. Winemaker Stefan Arnason sources grapes from vineyards that match the expressions of our portfolio; bold, fruit-forward, and pleasing to the palate.

Upper Bench Winery and Creamery
170 Upper Bench Road South, Penticton BC, V2A 8T1
Located just outside of Penticton’s downtown core at the gateway to the Naramata Bench, Upper Bench Winery & Creamery offers a unique opportunity to experience our two passions: wine and cheese. Award-winning winemaker Gavin Miller and our dedicated vineyard crew are committed to producing crisp, dry whites and big, bold reds that showcase the varietal’s character.

Perseus Winery
134 Lower Bench Road, Penticton BC, V2A 1A8
The philosophy at Perseus is simple: good grapes equal good wine. Grapes are sourced from our estate vineyards as well as renowned vineyards throughout the Okanagan Valley to ensure the highest quality is achieved. The winemaking showcases rich and fruit forward red wines and crisp and aromatic white wines.

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Naramata Bench Wineries

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